My name is Divna Davidović. I live and work in the small historic town of Pula on the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean. For 40 years I have been designing and making clothes for people who want to have a unique piece in their wardrobe, the only one in the world, and completely handmade.

In a world of global markets and unified fashion I am doing my best to maintain individualism, me and my clients' . Everything I do has its own story that grows during creation. An idea from the start, gives me inspiration and the driving force that relentlessly pushes me to the end, to feelings of satisfaction with what I've done. Then I go again ... and again ... and it makes me happy.

Great influence on my work is done by my professor, Japanese cutting pattern designer Shingo Sato. I am proud because I was invited to take part in his first online course that I completed from 2012 to 2013. That was a big turning point in my operating mode, because the master Shingo opened a completely new world, to me. We studied about 40 different techniques, which gave us the tools to tackle designs which would be unthinkable, or at the very least extremely difficult to make using traditional pattern making techniques. Each week we were sent a new video, and set a task with a deadline.This made us all strive to do our very best work, and in this striving we surprised ourselves with the incredible designs everyone came up with. The standard was really very high.At the end of the day, the most important thing was the knowledge and new skills we had learned by the end of it.

Thank you for visiting,
Divna Davidović