origami dress

origami dress

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Origami dress-made by DDivna in a special TR technique
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Origami dress-made by DDivna in a special technique TR of master SHINGO SATO an innovative designer, who has developed a method of design using draping, cutting and ribbon insertion to create a shaped garment. This effort is yet another inspiration in the effort to create new methods of apparel design, which is a form of sculpture, producing a 3-dimensional structure from a 2-dimensional surface. I am proud that I was his student, and I was able to learn this fascinating technique that provides great freedom in design as it is released from the strict use of a standard pattern. It was something I wanted to find my whole life-the freedom of artistic expression! This type of model can be completely personalized for the the person to whom is intended but may be made within the framework of standard measures. It requires a lot of work on the model and perfect precision in performance. Therefore, it is the dress that will surely be noticed at every opportunity because it is" something more than clothes"! Contact me on fedradoo@gmail.com

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